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Red Moon Daylight by Steins-brother
Red Moon Daylight
Fiddled with my camera filter a little when I saw the moon during day time. Came across this when I finally loaded them onto my laptop and saw this nice red-ish hue to it. Can't honestly believe the amount of shots of the moon I've taken over the last few times I've got my camera out. Really need to do something else.
Just wish to want everyone a merry Christmas, even though its a little late hope you've all had a good day and here's wishing everyone a happy new year.
I've been writing for a long time and have only recently started publishing my work for others to see and thought I would offer my services to anyone looking for a short story written.

I don't do prices by a set amount of words but rather just set out a reasonable price that we both agree on.
I mainly drabble in horror and/ or fantasy but am willing to do most genres, I have also done a fair amount of fan-fiction as well if you would like to see some of my work I can be found on --…

I will only take two projects at a time to avoid clustering up progress and missing any possible deadline you may wish to have. If you have any questions then feel free to drop me a message.
Miles trod carefully as he made his way through the swampland surrounding his old home of Vale.

The sun had just begun to set and he had been expecting Isabelle back at least an hour ago, but she had yet to return from her ingredient hunting for her alchemy store.
He knew the dangers of the swamps around his home better then anyone, having spent his youth searching every inch of the flooded forests and swampland.
However capable Isabelle was she was still new to the area, even though they had been living there for the last two years.

“I swear I’ll put her over my knee for this…I just got these boots.” while the people of Vale had grown an immunity to the poisons, toxins and deadly swamp gas which covered the whole area, Isabelle did not have the luxury because she had been born in the capital.

He had made quick time though the difficult terrain, his years of being in the army and royal guard had only strengthened his body and mind.
While he had an imposing figure like that of a boxer, shoulder length black and greying hair was tied back, and he had his roguish but rough appearance and charm, but the part of him that stood out the most were his grey eyes.
The only people who had such eyes were the people of Vale, earning them the title of Mist-Watchers, it was the least offensive name his people had been called over the years.

They had nothing but a rich heritage and culture and were remarkable healers, craftsmen and alchemists however because of those very abilities they had been forced to live in the swamps for the last three hundred years, the people of the kingdom had seen their traditional talents as barbaric and not becoming of their people so had forced them away from the main cities and towns of the kingdom.

Miles was snapped out of his thoughts by the muffled cursing of a woman from behind a large cluster of trees and nightshade bushes.
“Isabelle? Is that you?” he called out, “Miles?” she called back her voice muffled, “Damn it you really wonder off at the worst times don’t you?” he teased walking around to meet her.
“I need a hand…” he could barely make it out because she had mumbled it through the breathing mask she had made for her long trips out into the swamp, “What’s wrong?” he asked looking her over; she looked fine but he couldn’t be sure out here and he didn’t want to take any risks.
“I sprained my ankle, couldn’t see a root…”, “Let me look.” he said kneeling down only to be battered away, “I’m fine just help me up.”, “Isabelle, if your skin has been broken I need to know. I’ll have to stop the infection straight away.”, “It hasn’t alright? Look just help me up and grab my bag.” sighing Miles picked up the almost full bag and carefully helped her to her feet.

“I’ll be glad when I can finally loose this thing.” she sighed, tapping the mask on her face, “Well it’s either that or dying a slow horrible death.” Miles chuckled as he helped her climb onto his back, “It’s been two years…only place I don’t have to bloody wear this is in Vale. It’s annoying.”, “Look it usually takes outsiders three years at least to acclimatize to the swamp fumes, but even that doesn’t mean you’ll be completely immune.”.

“I’m not asking to be like you Miles, I just don’t want to wear this damn thing anymore…and stop dipping me down. If my hair touches that water I’ll kill you in your sleep.” she grumbled as she lifted her long black hair up, its strangely coloured white tips standing out in the days fading light. He never knew how she got the tips like that but it just added to her beauty in his opinion.

“Are you sorry you left the capital?” he asked after a few moments of silence between them, only to get a punch in the chest, “Of course not…I had nothing left there. After the order stabbed me in the back where was I going to go? I can’t leave the kingdom or I could end up being labelled as a traitor or get targeted by the damn nobles again.” she said sadly nuzzling as best as she could into his neck.
“I won’t let them…the only way they would get to you is through me.”, “If I didn’t have this mask on I’d kiss you…”, “I’m guessing that would just be the start though.” he chuckled as the lights of Vale came into sight, “You are horrible.” she said joining in on the laughter, it was something that she admired about him. He always tried to keep her happy. He had walked away from his position in the royal guard for her, he would do it again without hesitation.

“Anyway did you get what you wanted?”, “Yes, finally. The new ember blast mixture should be twice as powerful now.”, “You really are my little firebug aren’t you?” craning his head round he pecked her on the cheek, “I don’t belong to anyone…but you are my husband so I guess I could forgive you for that.” she chuckled.

Once they arrived back at Vale, it was a small rustic looking town but everyone looked out for each other, treating them like family. They owned a small store which doubled as their home. It was the house he had grown up in and had been handed to him after his grandfather had passed away.

“I love you…you know that right?” she asked as he pushed the door open, “Every day I wake up…Leaving with you was the best decision I’ve ever made.”, “Miles, I never want to go back there…I’d go anywhere but there. All there is in the capital for me is pain and suffering.”, “I promise we won’t Isabelle, they had their chance with us. We’re through with them…”, “Except Eli and Syn, those two are so much in love with each other they’re clueless to it.”.

Miles thought back to the young man he had pulled off the streets and turned into something more then a piece of scum that people avoided for a reason. He was always rough around the edges, that’s why he reminded him of himself at that age, but he was a loyal and honest man even going as far as to call him ‘boss’ all the time. Syn was much the same rough but honest, a former streetwalker she was the unknown watcher of the working girls, killing clients who harmed them or at least tried to.

“I hope they’re both alright. Syn…she saw me as her father…hell I was more of a father to her then I was to Faye…”, “Don’t bring that up Miles, what Louise did was her own doing. She should have known better.”, “I know…” he sighed gently setting her down next to their oak table, “I just can’t help but think I knew her better then that.”.
“Well…don’t rile yourself up too much. It’s in the past and we’ve got a bright future together. Now, sort out my ankle…” her foot landed on his lap as he looked up and saw her cheeky smile, something that would always make him feel at ease.

Feeling his rough but gentle hands run over her ankle she suppressed the urge to shudder under his touch, gently pressing the skin down and getting a small grunt out of her. “Your lucky it’s a mild sprain. You’ll be back to normal after a few days, doesn’t seem too bad anyway.” Miles said gently rubbing her ankle, “I’ll make something to keep the swelling down.”, “Wait…could you carry me upstairs?”, “Of course my darling.”.
Without any effort she felt him lift her up and carry her bridal style up the wooden staircase to their bedroom, gently laying her on their double bed, “Miles…wait…there was something I wanted to tell you. But I’ve been worried about how you would react.”, “Whatever it is Isabelle it will be fine.”.
Her hands settled over her stomach and she gave him a warm smile, “Well…this is will be a slightly cramped house in about nine months.”, “Your pregnant?”, “Yes. Our child Miles.” her voice hitched slightly, trying to control her bad memories from returning.

Miles didn’t say anything but just leaned in and kissed her, “That is fantastic news…and I will always be at your side Isabelle. I will never leave you alone again.” she started to cry as she kept holding onto Miles, flashes of previous marriage brought her to tears as she remembered the first child she had lost by the hands of her previous husband.
“Isabelle…we’ll be fine. Our child will be fine. The whole village will be behind us, the three of us are safe here.” instead of going to fix up some ointment for her ankle he curled up next to her and just held her as she cried into his chest. ‘The nobles or the royal guard can stay away. Or else…’ he thought as he comforted his wife.
Friends and Lovers
Another section from a story I was starting to get into writing.
- Back story to this section is Isabelle is betrayed by the royal guard and left alone until Miles leaves with her. Deciding that anywhere was better then the capital they decided to stop in Miles hometown of Vale before heading somewhere else, but they decide to stay.
- As for the end section about her previous marriage, she was abused by her husband and family before she lost the child to his hands, in a blind rage at loosing her child she kills her husband. And is forced to go on the run to avoid the wrath of his family, a high ranked noble family with many connections.
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Well over eight months since my last entry. Not bad.
Anyway its been a rather pain in the ass for me anyway, still can't find a full time or even a part time job, which is driving me insane. I mean the only things that seem to be available are personal carers, telemarketers or HGV drivers. None of which I would even be remotely good at. But got to keep looking.

On a more personal note I have finally published something on amazon, yay me. The Hunter Chronicles: The Beginning is a 70 page twin story about demon hunters in London during the late 1930's. Its been out for just over a month and I would be grateful for anyone interested in that sort of thing to check it out, its not expensive by any means. It's actually the lowest price I can actually set.

New camera as well, which I'm chuffed about. Actually decent mp rating and a ten times better zoom then my last one. I could have gotten one earlier but I really didn't want one that used AA batteries because its a massive pain to deal with them.

Other then that there isn't a huge amount going on with my day to day life that is all that important. Until next time...


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Might tell you if you ask
United Kingdom
I'm 26. Single and in part time work so i can continue with my writing projects and fanfiction, some of which may appear on here soon.
Will forever smell of pine trees since I work with xmas trees at my local garden centre for the holidays. I love anything Japanese inc. food, beer, anime and manga. Tokyo is an amazing place btw.

Current Residence: Hampshire
Favourite genre of music: Anything
Favourite style of art: Manga. Photography
Favourite cartoon character: Maes Hughes. Sawyer the Cleaner
Favourite Quote: 'Trust me, it will work... I think.'

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